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80-Watt Temperature Digitally Controlled Soldering Iron – Ceramic Heating – 480℃ – LCD Thermostat – 936H - 1pcs (Random Color)

The electric soldering iron kit comes with an LCD display and T13 heater tip. It has a temperature setting function that you can adjust to a suitable temperature for different projects. It's a great tool for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair, and other craft project specifications and Features:

  1. Quality of the products and the properties of the stability and reliability.
  2. Soft Rubber handle nonslip for maximum comfort and safe soldering.
  3. 220V, Power: 80W with Length of cable: 1. 5 m, Length of handle: 18. 7cm.
  4. Temperature Controlled
  5. Heating time 120 Second and Set the temperature according to your requirement 180° C – 450° C, Easy to use don't need a soldering station, just plug and play.