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USB lithium battery charge and boost circuit board ideal for diy power banks with a maximum quiescent current of 8uA. Micro USB for charging of the 3.7v lithium cell and USB connector with boost circuit for 5v output. Charging current up to 1A with built in charge status LED and an output current up to 2A with over voltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.

Input voltage : 3.7v to 5.5v; Charging current :1A; Output current :1A & 2A (max); Standby current : 8uA

Output voltage : 5V; Battery charged cut of voltage : 4.2v ±1%; Battery discharge cut off voltage : 2.9v ±1%; Discharging efficiency : 85% (input 3.7V output 5V/1A)

Charging Display: when charging 0-25%,the first light will flash and other lights are off; when charging 25%-50%,the second light will flash and the first light remains on; when charging 50%-75%,the third light will flash and the first two lights remain on; when charging 75%-100%,the fourth light will flash and the first three lights remain on; then the four lights are all on until charging to 100% .